If Elm invests or partners, it only does so in a quick and efficient manner.  A typical transaction process with Elm will have the following stages:

Introduction to the company – An initial call during which high-level information on the target company will be presented by the seller / intermediary to Elm Equity Partners. We welcome a written summary of the target company for this stage.

Detailed Information Exchange – After the introductory call and receiving executive summary, Elm Equity Partners will communicate its interest in the target business in 1-2 business days.  At this stage, we will seek detailed operational and financial information on the business.

Letter of Intent – Post-review of the detailed operational and financial information a Letter of Intent will be provided which would set forth the major terms for investment (or sale strategy), along with any contingencies including key employees, financing, legal matters, taxes, etc. 

Due-Diligence – Post-LOI, Elm Equity Partners will initiate detailed due-diligence on the company.  This will include site visits, interviews with key employees, customers and suppliers, financial, IP, legal, and tax review.  Post satisfactory completion of due-diligence, Elm Equity Partners will present a definitive purchase agreement or commitment to represent the entrepreneur and his business.

Our financial, operational, and entrepreneurial background allows us to quickly evaluate new investment opportunities.  In addition, our direct experience in M&A and acquisition integration, and access to substantial capital resources enables quick and professional consummation of transactions.